Contract Development & Manufacturing

A lengthy experience in developing and producing solid oral preparations makes Truffini an undoubted point of reference in dietary supplements and health products.

Advanced technologies, bioavailability optimised thanks to unique and patented processes, temperature and humidity controlled environments are just some of the distinctive services that Truffini makes available to its customers.

Our Partners find full service that makes it possible to study, perfect, produce and launch into the market food supplements, medical devices and foods for special medical purposes that are unique, efficacious and stable.

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Food Supplements

Truffini offers its customers a service of development, perfection and production of products in solid oral form. Format 0 and 1 and vegetable capsules with modified release and liquid filled; swallowable filmed tablets single-and multi-layer with differentiated release; orosoluble/effervescent single-and multi-layer tablets; soluble and orosoluble granulates packaged in highly modern stick-packs with a coplanar seal, two-part sachets for incompatible active principles and sachets with four seals.

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Medical Devices

Truffini is ISO/UNI/EN 13485 certified for the development and manufacturing of medical devices based on substances. We produce medical devices both as manufacturers of our own products and following the indications of our customers’ technical files.



Foods for special medical purposes of foods for specific groups of the population under Reg. (EU) 609/2013; they are food products expressly formulated or destined for patient diet management, including breastfed babies, to use under medical control. Truffini is authorised to produce these products and can offer its customers support in the creation and management of the specific dossier.

Truffini is...

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Our development and production processes are guided by the integrated TTQS system – Truffini Total Quality System, that ensures products are safe, effective, stable and appreciated by end consumers.


We use innovative and advanced technologies, some of them patented by us, that allow us to produce products that are unique and with particular characteristics:

  • Precise control of the release of active ingredients
  • Product stability over time
  • Improved taste

Innovation is a fundamental value for us at Truffini & Reggè.

Over the years we have developed several advanced technologies for improving production processes and the efficacy of our products. We have formed strategic alliances with the best producers of industrial plant in the sector, developing with them made-to-measure process systems to support our innovation.